Our commitment has always been to defend and protect our land.


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Environmental sustainability: respect and protection of the environment!

Respect and environmental protection are due to the fundamental values ​​on which our company and production vision is based.
Over the years we have decided to invest time and resources in eco-sustainable production plants through the use of energy produced from renewable sources.

Already in 2007 we started to produce clean energy through the photovoltaic system installed on the roof of our barn.

We did not stop there, in fact in 2012 we also equipped ourselves with a biomass plant capable of producing renewable energy from the sewage of our animals.

Livestock farms are one of the polluting factors that impact the atmosphere most heavily. The biomass plant intervenes on manure obtaining two benefits:

1. The production of clean electricity
2. The abatement of methane and CO2 emissions by manure, which can become an excellent organic fertilizer with zero impact on the atmosphere.

All these choices were made to reduce the environmental impact of our barn on the environment, because we are convinced that leaving a cleaner and healthier world for future generations is the most important thing.

La Sisile organic farm photo
La Sisile organic farm biogas plant
La Sisile organic farm biogas plant
La Sisile organic farm stable plant
La Sisile organic farm photovoltaic system