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Organic farming: healthy food for animals and humans!

Our territory represents the essence of our company. We are committed every day to defend and protect our land, because we believe it is a unique and precious heritage without which we would not be able to offer natural, healthy and genuine products.

It is precisely the respect we have for nature that has prompted us to make courageous and innovative choices, linked above all to environmental sustainability.

For over 10 years we have been carrying out surface work in our crops, without plowing, to respect the natural cycles of the soil.
We have decided to exclude corn in order to eliminate any possible contamination with mycotoxins, which are carcinogenic to humans and animals.

False sowing and the weeding of millet, wheat, and soy have been carried out since the start of organic farming.

The feeding of our cows is a very important aspect for us, our animals are fed with our organic hay.
If the animals are fed good fodder the yields do NOT decrease, and in addition to healthy animals you also have food of higher quality and nutritional value.

Organic cultivation - Alfalfa
Organic cultivation - Wheat
Organic cultivation - Soy
Organic cultivation - Millet
Organic farming - Pea Protein

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